Becky’s Beat: A Letter from the President

You are amazing, Grandview family!

Thank you for your huge heart! During the past, few months, you have supported a colleague family (Jenny and Tim Nave) as they traveled a difficult journey. Jenny worked as an Operating Room nurse here at Grandview and Tim is one of our respiratory therapists. Many of you unselfishly donated your precious time off work to physically care for Jenny until she passed away on September 25, 2017.

Others donated time and money to fill a semi-trailer truck donated by the Reick family, with the items helping Hurricane Irma victims in Florida. You made it a community effort – and you made it fun! Now you are filling Thanksgiving barrels for the Good Neighbor House, getting ready for Nursing Home Christmas parties, and adopting families for Christmas. As I always say, it is not the nice buildings, nor the state-of-art technology that makes a great hospital, it’s the people. And Grandview has the best people!

You all have the hearts of caregivers, and you act and feel like one big, extended family. I truly feel so blessed to work here with you.

I am also so proud of how hard you worked for the recent HFAP accreditation surveys. If it feels like we have been surveyed more than usual this year, you are correct. Grandview Medical Center and Soin Medical Center were selected to be one of only 10 hospitals in the nation to be part of the HFAP transition to a new accreditation body called AAHHS.  We had an initial AAHHS mock survey on August 12, and  a follow-up to the mock survey on November 6. Next, we will have our real HFAP survey (happening any day now), and perhaps a CMS verification survey.  It’s possible we may be surveyed four times this year–that should keep us “survey ready.”

Thank you so much for all you do. I appreciate and respect you every day!

Becky Lewis
Grandview Medical Center

November 17, 2017