Beth Search

Meet Beth Search, director of Shared Services for Information Systems at Kettering Medical Center. Beth was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She began her professional career at Reynolds and Reynolds as an electronic bench technician, which is the job that started her path of working with technology. She loved the problem-solving aspect of technology, and changing and growing in new opportunities. She worked through many different roles during her time there, and each presented a new challenge in technical skills as she completed her college education.

Beth began at Kettering Health Network in February of 2010 in iSupport and is now leading Information Systems daily operations. She shares that her current role is broken into two parts—infrastructure and support. All the applications and various technology devices that are used across the network run on that foundation. The foundation is shared with everyone across the Shared Services network. The other side of Shared Services is support, where they have teams that not only support the foundation pieces and improve on them but also all the applications and other devices that connect to network systems. 

Beth has shared many accomplishments with the amazing team she works with and calls out that because of the work they do together, some of the biggest successes that come to mind are events like Learnapalooza, a one day event where staff can learn, share knowledge, and build relationships; and Women in Technology, which is a group that unites women in information systems to learn, share experiences, build each other up, and work on spreading our mission out into the community. The group has also engaged with an organization that serves children in an underserved population in Dayton by teaching STEM skills and planting seeds of opportunities called On Purpose Academy. She is also very proud of the smooth transition of the Microsoft 365 platform into the organization and implementation of ServiceNow, as they both drive efficiency and make it easier for all employees to consume network services.

“Being surrounded by caring, collaborative, talented people that want to make our world a better place” is what inspires Beth most about her job. She appreciates having leadership that builds into employees personally, professionally, and spiritually, while offering opportunities to live out the network mission within ours walls and our communities. Beth is drawn to Kettering Health Network by not only the culture and mission of the organization, but the significant role it has played in her life as a faith-based organization that encourages her to explore spiritually and has impacted her faith journey. Her advice for us is to, “find purpose and meaning in what you do by serving a cause larger than yourself. Never stop learning and sharing your knowledge with others. Collaborate and foster relationships because you cannot do it on your own. Be willing to follow where you are being called to serve.”

March 3, 2021