Celebrate Our January Employees of the Month
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Celebrate Our January Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month Award recognizes the people you love to work with. These winners show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior, live out the network’s values, and demonstrate the healing presence practices outlined in Called to Care.

You can read the nomination stories and view the pictures of the January Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Ambrose Martin – Acute Adult Unit, Kettering Health Behavioral Medical Center

“Ambrose is always composed and compassionate when interacting with patients. His soft-spoken demeanor is very comforting and calming to the patients. He takes time to listen to the patient’s needs and to talk with them in a therapeutic way. This is true even in difficult situations with tricky patients, where the patient’s may be violent and verbally abusive towards him. He has a true sense of the importance of understanding culture, diversity and trauma when interacting with patients. Because of this, his ability to diffuse an aggressive situation keeps staff and patients safe. Ambrose’s actions and therapeutic rapport not only improve the lives of our patients, but also helps his fellow staff members.  He is a true team player and makes each shift better with his presence.  He has been an asset to our facility.”

Courtney Mathews – Outpatient Therapy, Kettering Health Dayton

“Courtney routinely mentions the work of Christ in her patients’ lives and healing process.  She is an excellent example of what our organization stands for and strives to promote in our communities. She has only been with us since July but has been an excellent addition to our team! Courtney recently took the initiative when she was talking to one of our patients who was having a very difficult time financially following a recent injury and her husband being hospitalized for several weeks. She asked if our department would sponsor/donate for her family for Christmas and organized a charity collection and got a gift card and basket from Kroger.”

Lauren Payne – Respiratory Services, Kettering Health Greene Memorial

“I have been working alongside Lauren for nearly two years now. Our respiratory therapist means the world to us and Lauren is a star deserving the world. She not only does her job well but she always goes above and beyond for our patients. For example, she braided and brushed a patient’s hair after giving her a breathing treatment. She also helped with patient position changes and vitals since we were short a tech for the day. Lauren always has a positive attitude and a willingness to jump in and ‘get dirty.’ Her positive energy is contagious. Lauren is on top of her job and lets us nurses know when she is concerned about a patient. She is knowledge-seeking. Lauren loves to ask questions and learn more, even if it’s something that doesn’t pertain to her scope of practice. She is a part of our family here and we wanted to make sure everyone else knows how amazing she is.”

Carrie Goerler – Lab, Kettering Health Hamilton

“Carrie has a big heart. She cares about the patients and her co-workers. Carrie switches her schedule to work different shifts to cover holes in the schedule. She’s always willing to come in early or stay late to help the team. Carrie is always using her skills to train the staff and jump in whenever issues arise. In the past month, Carrie lost her father. She continued to her duties during this time. Carrie worked the bench, kept up with her supervisory duties, and prepared for our CAP inspection. Carrie is a role model to the staff. Her willingness to help leads others to want to do the same. Patient care is her focus and the work that she does shows it. She’s a superstar!”

Alicia Millsaps – Boulevard Cafe of Hope, Kettering Health Main Campus

“Alicia has been working in various Kettering Health coffee shops for as long as I’ve been here. She is always kind, calm, and accommodating. She remembers you and your orders and will frequently have your order ready before you even pay. By remaining calm no matter how long the line at the coffee shop is, Alicia is easily able to navigate each order and ensures that it is to the customer’s specifications. Her calm, quiet demeanor is contagious. Even with staffing shortages, we can tell they never have to worry about Alicia being available and ready to help the team. She is frequently working solo in a busy cafe and is always professional.”

Chassity Collins – 3 West, Kettering Health Miamisburg

“I worked with a patient today that couldn’t sing praises loud enough for the 3 West nursing team, particularly Chassity. She was so thankful of the nurses going above and beyond advocating for her to receive medical treatment that greatly improved her quality of life. She was also so thankful to Chassity for buying her hair detangler and helping her brush it through her hair as she was hospitalized and bedbound for a week. This is the kind of above and beyond care that Chassity gives her patients every day. She truly lives the Kettering Health mission.”

Amy Achor – Core Lab, Kettering Health Troy

“Amy has been with the network since 2014. Every day since her hire, Amy has done nothing but challenge herself. She’s a ridiculously hard worker that goes above and beyond her required responsibilities. She’s a leader, a captain, and a friend. You won’t find anyone else in the network that looks out for patient care more than her. Amy’s hard work does not go unnoticed, as she steps up to the plate no matter what the situation is. Everyone knows that when Amy’s assisting with issues resolutions are coming. She has touched other departments and coworkers with determination, reliability, and accuracy. Those that work with Amy don’t forget her. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Amy being there to back me up. She’s a light in a dark tunnel. Her sense of quality is above no other. The absurd amount of knowledge that she recalls in seconds notice to assist other departments is astounding. Lab networks are privileged to have someone like her within their system.”

Patricia McCurry – Operating Room, Kettering Health Washington Township

“Patty consistently demonstrates the positive culture so prevalent at Kettering Health Washington Township. During the pandemic, the front desk team took on screening duties related to visitors.  Patty uses friendly words, smiling eyes, and effective communication while holding the standards set for patient safety. She and the front desk team innovated the best way to keep supplies available for patient and visitor use, without leaving them unattended. In another situation, a couple was at the hospital for a surgery and the partner said she was just a mess, but Patty was so patient and so helpful to her. She just could not say enough nice things about Patty. Patty sets an example for other employees on how to hold standards while maintaining a positive atmosphere at the front desk and in the main lobby.  She is an asset to our facility, and we are fortunate to have her as one of the ‘patient facing’ faces that daily greet our patients and visitors.  Thank you, Patty.”

Glenda Amey – PFS Hospital, Kettering Network Services

“Glenda handles coding’s requests for the combining of accounts and transferring of charges to allow coding complete accounts. However, it is not a singular act that makes Glenda so deserving of employee of the month, it’s many acts and what I feel she exemplifies as an employee. It’s her knowledge and extreme promptness in getting these requests completed, sometimes even just minutes after a request is sent. It is her absolute willingness to help assist us but also her kindness. Numerous requests are sent to her each week, and often high dollar accounts that require quick completion, and never once have we had to ask for the request to be expedited, as Glenda always carries out her duties with extreme promptness. It’s always the same exceptional service every single time! I’ve never talked to Glenda in person or on the phone but can feel all the willingness to help and kindness in her emails. Not only does she help the coding department so much, but I truly find her to be a joy to work with and find her to exemplify everything that one would desire in an employee. She is truly wonderful!” 

Sueann Dunkle – Women’s Health Contemporary, Kettering Physician Network

“Sueann is a dream co-worker. She is an inspiration to me and all of us daily! She goes above and beyond for coworkers and patients alike. Recently, one of our patients did not have her own transportation and rode the bus to her appointment. Unfortunately, the patient was not prepared for the rainy weather, so Sueann gave the patient her own umbrella so she wouldn’t get drenched while walking back to catch the bus home. This week, Sueann found out that one of our OB patients, who is nearing the end of her pregnancy, had lost most of her belongings in a recent house fire. So Sueann sent an email to her co-workers to join her in purchasing items for the new mom-to-be. What a blessing to bring joy to a patient who just had her life unexpectedly turned upside down. No doubt, the patient will feel the love and support extended by Sueann, who took the time to listen, care, and act. Sueann’s thoughtfulness is also extended to her co-workers. She is always asking if others need help with anything when she has completed her daily tasks. Every week you can count on Sueann writing an encouraging message on the white board in our breakroom.  She was recently out for several days and someone wrote a note on the board that they were missing her ‘positivity’ notes. She also does little things like treating co-workers to a favorite drink or sandwich from McDonalds. Sueann, thanks for the blessing you are to all who have the pleasure of your company during a brief appointment or throughout the workday! You are loved and appreciated for your positive impact! Life has been stressful for many of us with the extra challenges in life with COVID-19, unexpected tragedies, being short-staffed, and more. Sueann’s kind words, thoughtful actions, and willingness to lend a hand to co-workers and strangers alike truly makes a difference!”

Kirstie Kincade – Patient & Family Experience, Soin Medical Center

“Kirstie is always going above and beyond for our teams. She is the one who supports our Unit Practice Councils. She works with 17 different councils and supports the chair and co-chair to not only conduct the meetings, but how to develop and reach goals. She is growing our future leaders!  She is so humble that she often does all the work and does not accept the credit for doing it — a thank you from a team member or seeing them smile is enough. One thing that she did that I believe was beyond her job description, was that she planned a retreat for our Unit Practice Council chairs and co-chairs.  This was a unique event where our teams got to learn about their leadership qualities and their DiSC style. They got to work together during this retreat which was special because many times they are siloed to their own departments. They just had fun together, in a year that had many ups and downs.  She also has taken our care cart out to the floors on nights and weekends so that our night shift teams know how much they are appreciated! Kirstie always has our teams in her mind and heart.  She goes above and beyond every day to ensure that our teams know that they are valued and that we care.  She deserves employee of the year!  We are so blessed to call her ours!”

Do you know someone who is a Kettering Health Star? Help us honor them by telling their story in the Kettering Health Stars form, located in the MyHR portal.

January 19, 2022