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Celebrate Our May Constellation Honorees

The Constellation Award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the organization’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by Kettering Health’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination stories below. Congratulations to our recipients!

Cynthia Edwards and MacKenzie Brockman – Breast Center, Kettering Health Miamisburg

“I wanted to nominate both Cynthia and MacKenzie because they are a great team here at the Breast Center. We recently saw a patient in our suite admiring a bouquet of beautiful roses that had been delivered to our department on Valentine’s Day. We were talking about the flowers, and she shared that her husband had recently passed away. Every Valentine’s Day he would buy her daisies. Daisies were special to her because that is the flower that they had in their wedding. She explained how she missed getting them. Immediately, they went to the giftshop and bought the patient a bouquet of flowers. They didn’t pick just any bouquet. This bouquet had daisies! They brought them back to our patient. She cried happy tears. She was so touched by this kindness. She told us as she left that they made her day. The difference they made in her day I know she won’t soon forget, and neither will I. It’s thoughtful, selfless deeds like this that really make a difference and end up being the big things that really mean so much to others. It’s a privilege to work with such kind people. I am grateful for them.”

May 26, 2022