People, Stars

Celebrating Our January Constellation Honorees

The constellation award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the organization’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by the Kettering Health’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination story and view their pictures below. Congratulations to our recipients!

Tracie Courville and Emily McKenna – Kettering Health Main Campus

“These two nurses were searching for a project that would help the patients they see frequently on their unit. They collaborated with several people and researched several publications to develop a guide for our patients. The final product has been very helpful! This is what a recent patient shared with me after their surgery.

‘I wanted to let you know that I read the Brain Tumor Patient Guide from cover to cover. I think it is an amazing tool to have for patients just starting this journey.  It truly helped explain things that I had forgotten about eight years ago. For one, the section about things to expect is spot on. The medication part is huge as I didn’t realize how much the Decadron affected me! I did not know I would experience the emotional part of it with tears falling out of nowhere. I really found the ‘Going Home’ page very accurate! Bottom line: Great job on the guide!'”

January 25, 2022