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Check Out the Network’s September Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month award recognizes individuals who exemplify our Kettering Health Network values in their daily work. We are giving a special focus to this award by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated our values specifically in the context of COVID-19. How we celebrate these award winners will be different in light of social distancing.

You can read the nomination stories and see the photos of the September Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Michael Stone – Police & Security, Grandview Medical Center

“Mike went above and beyond for a patient recently. A man was hanging out in the ED circle after being discharged. Mike went to check on him and he took the time to get to know the man’s circumstances. He was stuck here due to a broken-down car and couldn’t get home to Atlanta. Mike believed the man to be sincere and took it upon himself to help. Mike then, out of his own pocket, bought the man a ticket to get to Atlanta. He made arrangements with the nursing staff to have a cab pick the man up and take him to the bus station. I told him I was going to nominate him for an award and he asked me not to, saying it was no big deal. This is just one story that was a big deal to me, but he does things like this all the time. He is always showing compassion and kindness. Being an experienced officer, this trickles down to the younger officers by setting an excellent example. I’ve gotten to know Mike pretty well over the past few months and this represents the kind of man and officer he is for the Network.”

Mistie Young – South Dayton Urological A, Kettering Physician Network

“Mistie went above and beyond for a patient. Our office received a referral from the primary care provider and Mistie called the patient to schedule an appointment with one of our providers. During her phone conversation with the patient, Mistie realized that the patient was short of breath and not feeling well. She encouraged him to call 911 but was not sure that he would. She then called the non-emergent dispatch line for his county and requested a well check to be done. We later heard that the patient had been admitted to the ICU with COVID-19. Mistie, thank you so much for your dedication to our patients and living out the mission of KPN to better the lives of those around us.”

Sara Reed – Emergency Room, Sycamore Medical Center

“We had a patient that was brought in to the ED for mental status change. The patient had a motorized scooter that was left at a bowling facility and the patient left his keys on the scooter. The police department was unable to get the keys to bring to the ED, so the patient could not get into his house. Additionally, we were having difficulties with the patient’s insurance provider and Sara got disconnected when trying to resolve the situation. I called the house supervisor at SMC, and he was working on a ride for the patient. Sara decided to step up and use her credit card to get the patient a taxi to the bowling facility so he could retrieve his keys and scooter, and then ride his scooter home. We are all going to chip in to help her recover the cost but this was so nice of Sara. She didn’t even think twice about it and she has such a big heart!”

Melonda Coffey – Environmental Services, Troy Hospital

“Melonda works very hard to make sure the entire hospital is clean and organized at all times. She stays late multiple days a week and returns early the next morning. She takes pride in her work as she should. She is professional, responsible, and always kind. Melonda is a great asset to Kettering Health Network and deserves to be recognized for her hard work that she puts into every shift. She is willing to help us with any need we have in the ED no matter what she has going on. She makes sure we are okay and set for the day. Melonda has the kindest heart, is loved, and appreciated by all of us!”

Kenneth Knoechel – Co-Occurring Unit, Kettering Behavioral Medical Center

Ken always goes above and beyond for his patients and the staff.  He is diligent in his work tasks and really tries to build into the patients. Here are a few quotes about Ken from patients and coworkers:

“Ken is one of the best seven greatest MHT I have ever dealt with in 30 years at Kettering.

“Ken did a group sec today and it was the most helpful one I’ve had since I have been here. Also, you can tell he loves what he does!

“Ken worked with me as a 1:1. He was very attentive to my needs & made me feel comfortable during my stay.

“He has gone out of his way to make sure PTs are comfortable and have everything they need. He puts a smile on patient’s faces.

“Ken went out of his way and got a patient bananas when our kitchen was out of them. Thank you for being awesome, Ken!

Lynsey Boswell – ICU, Soin Medical Center

“Lynsey has been such a huge help for the bedside nursing staff this past weekend. I have been working in the COVID ICU and every time I called her for help she instantly showed up and had a great attitude about it. She helps me bounce ideas off her on how to better help my patients and helps reassure me. I look up to her so much and I just want her to be recognized. Lynsey also shows great empathy for our patients and truly gets to know them. She finds out what kind of music they enjoy and will play music for our intubated patients, which I think is amazing. This past weekend was rough, but Lynsey made it so much better. I cannot thank her enough!”

Shawn Dafoe – IS Information Security, ASB

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to Shawn for going the extra mile to help a new employee walk through software transitions, and learn how to navigate the necessary software tools to be effective and efficient. As a new employee, I was struggling with the new software implementations (and some of the old software applications). I am grateful that Shawn was gracious with his time and went the extra mile to help me.”

Bruce Bierlein – Sterile Processing, Kettering Medical Center

“Bruce is the most knowledgeable and efficient sterile processing employee I have worked with in over 35 years in the operating room. When we need a stat surgery case picked with the instrumentation and supplies, his workflow is amazing. When we call for a random instrument or supply, he knows what we need before we finish our sentence. The operating room lingo has multiple names for everything and he knows them all. We would like to recognize his fantastic attitude, efficiency, and knowledge in sterile processing. He will go the extra mile to locate a missing item by locating it on one of the 40 or 50 case carts picked for the day. He is responsible for knowing over a thousand instruments and supplies in his department. Thank you, Bruce! We could never do all the surgeries at Kettering Medical Center without you!”

Beverly Bryant – Finance, Prestige

“Bev is involved in all aspects of running Prestige. She constantly thinks of ways to make Prestige a better place to work for all employees, including the safety and well-being of all who walk in the doors. She constantly thinks of the appearance and operation of the building. There is always someone who works behind the scenes to make a building a good place to work, that is safe, and that employees take for granted. Bev supports all of this and maintains her normal duties in finance.”

Jeannie Cornett – Environmental Services, Fort Hamilton Hospital

“Jeannie is trusted by not only the EVS staff that she works with, but by all the departments that she interacts with. Her staff and peers know that she will follow through on what she promises and will always ask if there is anything else she can do for you. Jeannie is always working with each department to find innovative ways to get the cleaning of each room done so the flow throughout the hospital continues. She always helps her team out by being involved the cleaning process, and during COVID-19, she has been instrumental while the unit was on 4 West and now in part of the ICU. Jeannie holds her team accountable but also takes the time to praise them when appropriate, and that is not something that we see enough of. She is always smiling and makes sure to say hello to everyone she sees. This is so important when we walk through the hallways, as you never know what someone is dealing with. Jeannie’s team always says how caring and kind she is. Jeannie goes above and beyond to help others at all times and support and recognize the teamwork of her team. She will often recognize others and make sure their managers know. Jeannie is a true team player.”

Denise Sekerak – Nursing, Kettering College

“Denise deserves this award for the outstanding work she did for two weeks while I was on deployment for a DMAT unit to help people devastated by hurricane Laura in Lake Charles. When I asked her to do this, she did not hesitate and said, ‘I’ve got this,’ and for me not to worry. She handled the every day concerns and issues that come with running a nursing program as if she did it all the time, making decisions after prayer and consideration. She did consult with me as needed but was able to make decisions quickly and effortlessly. Without her (and all the nursing faculty and staff), I could never have done this mission. Service is part of God’s mission for us and Denise demonstrates this every day in many ways. Denise is a true example of Kettering College’s mission, ‘to make service a life calling and to view health as harmony with God in body, mind, and spirit.'”

Kersti Cyrus – Med Surg Tele, Greene Memorial Hospital

“Earlier this month, I had a family member come to me and express thanks for the care that was provided to her mother at Greene Memorial Hospital. The patient was experiencing a decline in her cognitive impairment related to worsening dementia. The daughter was distraught and at the time was not understanding what was happening with her mother. She spent hours talking in circles trying to reorient her mom to the present. She wasn’t understanding why her mother couldn’t remember anything from the days prior. At the time of discharge, the daughter came to the nurses’ station to thank every staff member who took care of her and her mother. She then looked at Kersti and brought her in for a hug just thanking her over and over again for the compassionate care she provided. Kersti really made a difference in the lives of this mother and daughter. Her patience and understanding were profound. She recognized that the daughter was not coping well with the changes her mother was experiencing, and Kersti offered her grace and kindness. For Kersti, health care is more than a job, it is her calling.”

Marsha Lewis – First Steps, Southview Medical Center

“Marsha was clocked out recently when a patient’s car broke down. The new mother and her newborn were outside in the hot sun. Marsha brought her into the office, calmed her down, got her a drink and a snack, and held her newborn while she arranged for a tow truck and transportation. This was all done on Marsha’s own time. She is always compassionate and listens to patients, making sure to address any concerns. Marsha’s actions impact everyone around her! She is a blessing and a ray of sunshine. Her kindness is infectious and being around her improves the moods of all. The patients often come in crying and overwhelmed and Marsha has them smiling before their check-in is finished. She has a special touch for interacting with new parents and their newborns. We (her co-workers) appreciate her hard work and dedication.”

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October 8, 2020