Cincinnati Reds Ticket Program Now Open
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Cincinnati Reds Ticket Program Now Open

The Cincinnati Reds ticket program is now open! Through this program, employees and volunteers can purchase Reds tickets at a discounted price. Tickets include access to the Fox Sports Club (Section 301), a climate-controlled indoor space with complimentary food.

Employees can reserve tickets on a first come, first served basis. Tickets will be released based on the following schedule:

  • February 25: March/April/May games will open
  • April 29: June/July games will open
  • June 24: August September games will open

Want to know more about the program? Find answers to some common questions below.

What is the cost?

The cost per ticket is $50. The cost for a parking pass is $15 (limited quantity available per game).

How many tickets can I purchase?

Employees and volunteers can request up to 6 tickets.

How will requests for tickets be reviewed and assigned?

Tickets will be assigned based on game date availability and the order in which the request was received. Tickets are first come, first served.

My ticket request was denied due to earlier requests for the same game. Can I submit a new ticket request?

Yes, the email you receive about your denied request will include a link to a ticket request form listing game dates that are still available. You can submit a new request for those available game dates.

Questions about the program? Click here to view an FAQ and click here to view a guide to ordering and picking up tickets. You can also contact Employee Connect at ext. 70000 or 1-844-235-4647.

June 15, 2019