Collection of Used N95 Masks for Re-processing

Step  Task/Description/Visual  Responsibility 
1. Collection of Soiled PPE from Units  Follow Soiled PPE Route List for pick-up  Wipe down transport tote with network-approved disinfectant wipe before going to units  Only collect if the bin is at least half full Close Primary Bag (Inside bag – provided by Battelle) Close Secondary Bag (Outside bag – provided by KHN) Remove both bags from bin Disinfect outside of Secondary Bag  Wipe down the outside bag with a network-approved disinfectant wipe Place closed double bag in transport tote. Close lid for transport. Replace double-bagTransport collected bags to identified collection location   Once sufficient bins become available, the process will be modified: Disinfect inside and outside of the new bin before inserting the double bag Bring new, double-bagged bin to the units Exchange used bin with new bin Take used bin to the identified collection location At identified collection location, follow steps for handling primary and secondary bags as previously mentioned EVS 
2. Designated Daniel’s Pick-Up Area  Roll transport tote to Designated Daniels Pick-up Area Remove double bagged masks from transport tote Place double bagged masks in box (provided by Daniels – labeled as hazardous waste and Fragile)  EVS 
3. Pick-up  Fill out Battelle chain of custody form  Pick up prepared boxes and custody form from KHN dock Deliver to Battelle  Daniels 
4. Processing  Process & Sanitize masks  Battelle 
5. Receival  Courier travels to Battelle to pick up clean masks Deliver clean masks to Kettering Medical Center Couriers will distribute cleaned N95 with all new N95 as part of current N95 distribution process  Courier 
6. Distribution of Clean PPE to Units  Materials to mark the outside of each mask with “ANR” with a black permanent marker before distributionMaterials to mark each mask with the number of times processed per Battelle guidelines.First Time Delivery: Review PAR levels for each unit Ongoing Delivery: Upon request of Designated Charge Nurse/HUC, distribute supplies based on number requested Delivery PPE bags (go-bags) to units  Materials Management
April 6, 2020

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