COVID-19 Employee Support and Concerns

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live. As Kettering Health Network begins to transition from crisis response to planning for recovery, it is an appropriate time to reiterate our commitment to open, honest communication and ensuring employees are aware of resources available for their support.

As always, your supervisor or management team is your first resource for communications and support. During this time, COVID-19 updates can be accessed from the Kettering Health Network intranet home page or k-news.

COVID-19 updates have included references to a variety of resources to support employees, including:

Employee Health Call Center – For questions about your ability to work or return to work, call (937) 395-8900—available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

myHR – Links to HR resources and a place to submit your questions to HR.  Accessible from the KHN intranet homepage link or at:

iSupport – Information Systems Work from Home support, contact iSupport at (937) 384-4500 or https://khn.service-now.com/sp

Employee Assistance Fund – A special fund administered by the Grandview Foundation and distributed by network Human Resources are providing funds for employees experiencing financial hardships resulting from the pandemic. The application form can be accessed here.

IMPACT Solutions – Offers free, limited confidential support to employees at MyImpactSoution.com or 1-800-227-6007. Services include:

  • Immediate access to licensed mental health professionals
  • Online counseling sessions
  • Eldercare Specialists
  • Financial counseling

Corporate Integrity Hotline – Report or ask questions about potential violations of policy, standards of behavior, or regulations. The hotline is hosted by an independent third-party should you want to place an anonymous report. Access the hotline from the Corporate Integrity page on the KHN intranet. Report a Concern or by calling 1-844-587-1658. 

April 28, 2020