COVID-19 Support Time and Attendance Tracking Documentation

As a network we have been asked to collect worked hours dedicated to COVID-19 support and activities. The network will be required to provide an activity log of the hours/costs submitted for potential government cost reimbursement programs. To allow us to capture this information, all employees must charge their hours to the correct Disaster Management cost center for their campus. Additionally, salaried employees and timekeepers for hourly employees must attach a note to the transaction with details regarding the work performed.  

For Hourly employees:

Hourly employees should clock into the appropriate Disaster Management cost center.  Please see list of cost centers below. Hourly employees should be sure to communicate to their Timekeeper/Leader, what type of COVID work was completed, so that the Timekeeper/Leader can add the required note to the clocking. 

*Employees who work in a designated unit will not need to clock into a Disaster Management cost center. Their worked hours will be captured by Finance through another mechanism. 

For Salaried employees: 

The transaction will be a calendar entry using the code EXD in conjunction with the appropriate Disaster Management cost center and attaching the appropriate predefined note, (Worked Incident Command, COVID Screener or COVID Support-Other, additional information required). Please choose the appropriate note for the activity performed. Important: the COVID Support note requires information to be entered describing the purpose of the time worked. 

Total EXD entries per week are not to exceed the employees weekly FTE. The code EXD is only to be used for Salaried employees. 

Below are the cost centers to be used. The clocking/calendar entry should coincide with employee’s home location, regardless of campus worked. 

Location  Cost Center  Name  
Kettering Medical Center  959010  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
KHN Middletown  959017  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Troy Hospital  959018  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Sycamore Medical Center  959020  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center  959021  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
KHN Emergency – Franklin  959022  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Grandview Medical Center  959030  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Huber Health Center  959033  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Preble County Medical Center  959034  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Southview Medical Center  959040  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Soin Medical Center  959050  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Greene Memorial Hospital  959055  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Fort Hamilton Hospital  959060  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Sycamore Glen Retirement Community  959072  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Kettering Physician Network  959080  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Kettering Network Services  959093  DISASTER MANAGEMENT  
Kettering Physician Network – Payroll Only  959097  PRO DISASTER MGMT  

Your continued support in ensuring we capture the information needed is appreciated. 

April 9, 2020