COVID-19 Testing Site Changes for Troy Market

Summary of Changes: 

  • Pre-admission Testing (PAT) COVID-19 testing occurring at the Troy Emergency Department will transition to 700 S. Stanfield Rd. via a drive-up testing center.   
  • Symptomatic patients without a physician order for a COVID-19 test will transition to the Piqua Respiratory Clinic. Coronavirus Respiratory Care Locations | Kettering Health Network 
  • Non-PAT patients with a physician order will transition to our drive-thru testing sites at Huber Health Center, Southview Medical Center, or another community testing site. 

Resources to support patient conversations have been developed. 

For all outpatient testing questions, you can also direct patients to https://www.ketteringhealth.org/coronavirus/testing.cfm (ketteringhealth.org-click the red COVID banner at the top of the page-click the testing link) for more information. 

More details:  

COVID-19 testing options have been established in the Troy area to serve multiple patient types: PAT patients, Employee Health patients, and patients with respiratory symptoms. 

PAT is opening a new COVID-19 testing location on January 11 to serve the Troy community at the Stanfield Road Building. 

Patient pathway:  

  • A PAT representative or procedural representative will schedule pre-procedure patients for a COVID-19 test at Southview, Huber Heights, Stanfield Road, or the Ross Health Center. 
  • The Stanfield Road PAT COVID-19 testing hours of operation: Monday, Thursday, Friday, 7:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. 
  • The Stanfield Road PAT COVID-19 testing location is a drive-up site.  
  • Patient should arrive at 700 S. Stanfield Rd. and follow the PAT drive-up signage to park in one of the three (3) PAT COVID-19 testing parking places.  
  • Patients will stay in their car and a health professional will come out to meet them upon arrival and provide a phone number to complete registration. 

Please note: This drive-up site is not open to the public. It is only for PAT patients 

Employee Health COVID-19 testing in Piqua  

Patient pathway: 

  • Employees must first contact Employee Health at (937) 395-8900 or X58900. 
  • If Employee Health deems a COVID-19 test appropriate, a requisition for COVID-19 testing will be created and the employee will be instructed to schedule via MyChart or online at Coronavirus Testing | Kettering Health Network
  • The employee enters Kettering Physician Network Respiratory Care at the Piqua Health Center.  
  • The address is 200 Kienle Dr., Piqua, OH   
  • Hours of operation:  Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

Symptomatic patients without an order can be seen at Kettering Physician Network Respiratory Care located at the Piqua Health Center. 

Patient pathway:  

  • A respiratory care location was established in the Troy area to serve patients that are experiencing respiratory symptoms that may need a COVID-19 test. 
  • Appointments are required. 
  • Patients will see a provider as part of this visit. 
  • Patients may schedule on line via this link: Coronavirus Respiratory Care Locations | Kettering Health Network 
  • After scheduling, the patient enters Kettering Physician Network Respiratory Care at the Piqua Health Center. The address is 200 Kienle Dr., Piqua, OH. 

Please Note: These are not physician order or walk-in testing sites. 

For symptomatic patients with physician orders: 

Patients can access our drive-thru testing sites at Huber Health Center or Southview, or resources in the community such as the Kroger Little Clinics and CVS Minute Clinics. 

January 11, 2021