COVID-19 Vaccine for Inpatients

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As you are aware, the state of Ohio has placed strict allocation restrictions on COVID-19 vaccine inventory. Due to this, Kettering Health Network is not currently able to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to admitted patients. Multiple additional logistical challenges (multidose vial, second dose scheduling, etc) also stand in the way of our ability to provide this service to the inpatient population. The Network will continue to re-evaluate this decision at regular intervals as the situation evolves and unfolds in the community.  In the meantime, please refer your Phase 1 vaccine-eligible patients to network COVID-19 vaccine clinics across the Greater Dayton area.  

Your support and understanding is very much appreciated as we work together to serve those in need and provide support to the Ohio Department of Health to vaccinate members of our community. 

February 3, 2021