Dr. Julielynn Wong

Dr. Julielynn Wong is a Harvard-educated physician-scientist, innovator, and educator whose life’s mission is to take technology to the extreme to benefit the world. She is internationally recognized as a 3D-printing, drone, and digital health pioneer who uses cutting-edge technology to deliver health care solutions across diverse environments—from outer space to remote communities with limited access to health care resources.

Following medical school at Queen’s University, Dr. Wong received a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship to complete her Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University. She is board-certified in public health and general preventive medicine, has authored over 35 scientific and technical publications, and has filed 14 patents for medical devices.

She is a passionate educator who has taught courses and workshops for thousands of grade school, university, and postgraduate students. She founded Medical Makers, a program to inspire empower a global community of innovators, patients, and health care providers to make sustainable solutions to save lives, time, and money. Additionally, Dr. Wong is an avid pilot and drone racer, has flown as a microgravity researcher with NASA’s parabolic flight program, and served as an analog astronaut for NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog IX and Crew 207-8 Mission Commander at the Mars Desert Research Station.

March 15, 2021