Epic Refuel Program Launching in Q1 2020
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Epic Refuel Program Launching in Q1 2020

As part of the Kettering Health Network journey for excellence in patient care and employee satisfaction, we will be launching the Epic Refuel Program in Q1 of 2020.

Our network has gained many improvements since implementing Epic, the electronic medical record system, 10 years ago. We are now partnering with Epic to achieve even higher levels of systemness and patient care.

Refuel is a collaboration of internal teams and Epic partners to perform a comprehensive review of workflows and electronic medical record system to use through interviews with network personnel and an in-depth system analysis to understand how we can achieve better results.

In October, Epic visited on site with a team of 18 people and dispersed across the network to 17 different locations. During the visit, over 80 meetings were held with a cross-section of network team members to better understand daily routines and areas of opportunity. The internal programming of our electronic medical record system was also reviewed and combined with the various assessments performed for network review.

The assessment contains over 600 initiatives to help the network achieve higher patient and staff satisfaction, streamlined workflows. consolidated tool sets, and a greater benefit from our investment in the electronic medical record system based on industry metrics. The data is currently being reviewed by network leadership and will be reviewed by service line and clinical leaders for prioritization before implementation begins. The goal is to align strategic and workflow improvements to sequence the list accordingly.

A thorough review of the assessment with various councils and leadership groups is expected to be complete by mid-January. A formal kick-off for the Refuel initiative will be held on January 29. Stay tuned to the intranet, k-news, and your network email account for updated communication and more specific information in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support during this important initiative. The Refuel program is guided by a set of crucial founding principles:

  1. Keep the patient experience at the center of every decision.
  2. Keep your eyes on clinician happiness and financial status.
  3. Choose enterprise-wide decisions rather than individual-, unit-, department-, or facility-specific decisions.
  4. Use the foundation system and industry best practices as a guide.
  5. Operations, not Information Systems, shapes the program.
  6. Make decisions through collaboration and only revisit when critical.
  7. Identify measurable outcomes to focus on. Publish results.

Questions or comments can be emailed to the Epic Refuel team at refuel@ketteringhealth.org. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response from this mailbox.

December 2, 2019