Epic Updating Quarterly: New Release Coming June 2
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Epic Updating Quarterly: New Release Coming June 2

To keep our users up-to-date with the latest Epic features, Information Systems will be implementing Epic Quarterly Releases. New features will launch every three months, similar to updates for cell phones and tablets.

Kettering Health Network will be implementing Epic Quarterly releases June 2, September 22, and December 8. In subsequent years, quarterly releases will occur in March, June, September, and December.

Updates coming June 2 include some new features to the Emergency Department section. These are all convenience items for Emergency Department nurses:

  • Banners will appear in the Allergies and Problem list sections of the patient’s record if there is information available from outside sources. Clicking on these banners will allow the triage nurse to compare the current network info with the information from facilities outside of Kettering Health Network.
  • The Chief Complaint section can now be personalized. Each nurse can create speed buttons for patient complaints (reason for visit) that they see most often. This will allow one-click access instead of manually entering the patient complaint.
  • Nurses will now be able to document a new IV access from the Link Line window that opens when documenting the administration of an IV med or IV fluids. Now it will not be necessary to close the Link Line box, open the LDA section, document the access and then return to the Link Line box when the IV access used for administration of a medication or fluids has not been documented.

For the inpatient nurses:

  • Use buttons to zoom in on the LDA avatar when you need a closer view to precisely place an icon.
  • Document a new line during a medication administration by clicking new line from the link line window.
  • Use the Bilirubin Nomogram activity to review a patient’s bilirubin values and determine whether any interventions are necessary.

Questions? Contact iSupport at extension 44500 or call Lisa Zengel, IS Applications Manager, at (937) 914-7246.

May 21, 2019