Film Your Hospital Awareness

On April 1, 2020, the Kettering Health Network Police Department received intel from the Army Corp. of Engineers Operational Protection Division, concerning a global social media movement called #filmyourhospital. The movement was designed to prove the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax. Supporters are encouraged to confront hospital staff openly while recording video and demand to see evidence of the pandemic. Supporters then upload the videos to social media. These social media agitators will often ignore requests to leave and accuse hospital staff of engaging in a conspiracy. Their behavior may require a response from onsite Police or Security. 

On April 5, 2020, an individual from this movement appeared at the Kettering Medical Center Emergency Department, recording his actions and the actions of staff members with a cell phone. Emergency Department staff members reacted quickly, requesting Kettering Health Network Police Department officers to respond and advising the subject to stop recording.    

This individual and all individuals demonstrating this behavior will be served a notice and may be arrested for trespassing if located at our facilities for any reason other than medical treatment. 

If you encounter anyone representing this movement who is attempting to record video inside our hospitals or emergency departments, please contact the police or security office at your facility immediately. These individuals are attempting to elicit reactions, so avoid engaging with anyone that appears to be part of this movement. Simply ask them to stop recording and to exit the facility if they do not need medical attention and let them know that campus police/security have been called.  

Please contact Kettering Health Network Police Chief Chad DePew if you have any questions: chad.depew@ketteringhealth.org 

April 6, 2020