Gall Bladder Scan Shortage

Production issues have caused a global shortage of mebrofenin, the radiopharmaceutical used for Nuclear Medicine Gallbladder (HIDA) scans. This shortage will impact doses through July and August. There are no alternatives to this medication currently in production. 

We have a limited number of this product in stock at our hospitals throughout Kettering Health. To minimize the impact of this shortage on our patients, we will be limiting gallbladder scan times during the day. Please follow the guidelines outlined in the communication below, which will be sent out to all leaders. We will continue to monitor and communicate updates about the global supply. 

Message to leaders: 

There is a shortage of the radioisotope we use to perform Nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary (HIDA) scans. We will continue to be able to provide the service with our current limited inventory; however, the hours will be limited* due to the production schedule at the radiopharmacy. Unfortunately, this is a popular after-hours exam. Please use the procedure below. If an emergent scan is needed, it will require approval from a nuclear medicine physician. 

Contact Rachael Sammet at (937) 395-7641 or Rachael.Sammet@ketteringhealth.org with any questions. Thank you for working with Nuclear Medicine on this. 

HEPATOBILIARY SCAN SHORTAGE: July 16, 2021 to end of August 2021 

How to proceed during the shortage: 

  • Enter order in EPIC normally during normal business hours. Staff will look at orders and communicate times with RNs. 
  • After 4 p.m., contact on-call NM tech.  
  • Once tech is aware of scan, they will contact Radiopharmacy for availability.  
  • Tech will communicate with RN the time of scan and put note in patient’s chart.  
  • Please note: The scan may be rescheduled to the next day.   
  • STAT after-hours studies will be limited to NM gallbladder bile leaks and must be approved by a nuclear medicine physician. Page the NM tech to notify, following normal on-call/after-hours procedure. 

*Projected drug availability through July and August 2021, is 8 a.m.-noon, Monday-Friday.   

July 16, 2021