Goggles or Face Shields for Employees

Due to the increase in transmission of COVID-19 that is occurring in our communities, Kettering Health Network will offer each employee and provider reusable goggles or face shields to wear while working.  

  • Recommended for all patient-facing employees: direct care employees, registration, volunteers, and screeners 
  • Available for all non-patient-facing employees 

Obtaining goggles/face shields for your departments

  • Clinical areas: goggles/face shields will be stocked on your unit. 
  • Registration and volunteers: obtain from your department leaders 
  • Screeners: supplies will be at the screener station 
  • All other areas: 
  • Department leader: order supply based on average number of employees, plus five additional 

Guidelines and best practices 

  • Eyeglasses do not replace goggle/face shields. Face shields should be worn over regular eyeglasses for added protection. 
  • Masks are still required with goggle/face shield. 
  • Goggles/face shields are to be used for the duration of the shift. 
  • Goggles/face shields are reusable, and not to be discarded unless damaged. 
  • Goggles/face shields will be returned at the end of shift for reuse. 
  • Clean your face shield using Oxivir Tb wipes or hospital-approved disinfectant spray. 
  • Clean goggles/face shields will be placed in specified bin and ready for reuse. 
  • Clean your hands before and after touching your goggles/face shields. 
  • Clean your goggles/face shields at the beginning of every shift, and anytime you put on your goggles/face shields. 
November 23, 2020

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