Grandview Expansions to Meet Needs in West Dayton
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Grandview Expansions to Meet Needs in West Dayton

Grandview Medical Center is moving forward on multiple expansions following the closure of Good Samaritan Hospital in July.

Cath and EP lab additions

A new wing opening this month will house one EP lab and one Cath lab. This addition of EP services will be new to Grandview. EP labs at Kettering Medical Center have been operating at capacity, and further expansion in the network has been needed. Leaders identified Grandview specifically, as open heart surgical back-up is needed for the addition of an EP lab.

Cardiovascular Management Unit

A new Cardiovascular Management Unit opened on June 4. This is a step-down telemtry unit with a capacity of 23 beds, taking care of those with a cardiac history, such as congestive heart failure or those who have had a cardiac catheterization.

Emergency Department expansion

Construction also continues for the emergency department expansion that will double current capacity. Roy Chew, PhD, president of Kettering Health Network, cites recent statistics indicating that West Dayton residents suffer a higher number of heart attacks and strokes. For this reason, expanding emergency services for this community is all the more critical.

The first phase of the expansion included a three-bay triage area, a consultation room, and an expanded registration area. Next phases include a second computed tomography (CT) scanner, advanced patient care and critical care bays, expanded imaging services inside two new trauma rooms, and the new Cath and EP labs. The entire project is expected to be complete in November.

“We don’t want to see West Dayton become a health care desert, so our commitment is to make sure the entire community has access to quality health care,” says Roy. “We really feel expanding services at this critical time is simply the right thing to do.”

Save the date for an open house at Grandview on November 4 and see some of the expansions.

August 30, 2018