Hispanic Heritage Resources – Week 1

These resources include books, podcasts, documentaries, movies, and TV shows that commemorate and encourage the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role women play in our lives.

  • Podcast-Latino USA  
    • Latino USA offers insight into the lived experiences of Latinx communities and is a window on the current and merging cultural, political and social ideas impacting Latinx people and the nation.
  • Book-A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son by Sergio Troncoso 
    • These poignant short stories shed a startling light on the middle-class experience of Chicanos in New York. An Ivy League education and job security in a cosmopolitan city far from their youth in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands doesn’t mean the American dream has been realized without further conflict. Some continue to struggle with the feeling of dislocation, some begrudge being seen as foreigners when they visit their beloved border towns and others are struck by the harsh reality that even in a liberal multicultural setting they’re not spared from violence, prejudice and the anti-immigrant noise. Sergio Troncoso dispels the myth of assimilation as a haven and reminds readers that distance from a working-class upbringing doesn’t absolve a person from the responsibility to one’s community. The wounds of leaving home never truly heal.
  • Movie/TV- In the Time of the Butterflies 
    • Based on the novel by Dominican-American author, Julia Alvarez, this intense film tells the story of the heroic Mirabal sisters during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. Starring Salma Hayek as Minerva Mirabal, and Marc Anthony as Lio, these three sisters’ mission to overthrow the dictator made them leading female figures in history.
  • Documentary – The Graduates
    • Following the lives of six Latinx high school students across the United States working to beat the odds, this inspiring documentary shows the educational issues students living in underserved communities face every day. Statistics may say they can’t make it, but these students are determined to change the outcome of their lives.
  • Children’s Book – Areli is a Dreamer
    • Based on the author’s real-life experiences, this picture book shares Areli’s story as a young immigrant from Mexico. Although moving to a new country presented many difficulties, Areli now calls America home. It’s a touching story that any child will love—especially if they’ve also experienced the growing pains of adjusting to a new place.
September 22, 2021