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HR Changes Coming Mid-November

Kettering Health Network continues to grow in size as well as geographic reach. Regardless of location, HR wants to give employees quick and easy access to HR resources and consistent, timely answers to your questions. To do this, HR is evolving to strengthen the resources on which you rely for your HR needs.

What is changing?

In mid-November, HR is adding a new online portal that will be accessible via mobile or desktop, whether you’re at work or at home.

It includes a knowledge base and search function, allowing employees to find quick answers for their HR needs. There are also links for employees to access common HR sites, such as

  • UltiPro
  • Network Stars
  • Benefitsolver
  • Fidelity
  • HealthStream
  • Impact Solutions employee assistance program

The portal will also include self-service options for processes, like PTO donations, as well as enhanced issue tracking capabilities.

On-campus HR needs will be handled by appointment, and HR is enhancing its service center to provide additional support and customer service.

What will be the same?

Many self-service processes will remain in UltiPro, like direct deposit and home address changes. Employees will also still be able to call ext. 70000 for general HR support.

More information about the HR updates and online portal will be coming in November. Stay tuned to to k-news and your network email account for more details.

October 23, 2019