Important COVID-19 Employee Updates

CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated CMS’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement in states, including Ohio, where the requirement had previously been halted. Although CMS has issued new deadlines, Kettering Health’s deadlines have not changed.

OSHA Healthcare ETS

OSHA has withdrawn the emergency temporary standards (ETS) for healthcare organizations it issued last summer. Therefore, we will remove the reference to it on our Intranet homepage and we will remove the mandatory training from Healthstream that we assigned to employees to comply with this OSHA ETS.

COVID-19-related Absences

A point of clarification to all leaders concerning staff absences:

  • Staff are required to use their PTO for their covered illness, including for COVID-19 and a COVID-19 vaccine reaction. Those with COVID-19-related illness can run negative PTO up to 40 hours.
  • Staff out for COVID-19-related illnesses are not subject to disciplinary occurrences.
January 21, 2022