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Introducing Templafy: New Software for Email Signatures and Templates

Beginning July 19, Kettering Health is installing software called Templafy to aid in the transition to our new network brand.

Templafy is a document and branding solution loaded with document templates, graphics, photos, and other digital assets. This platform integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.

Why are we using Templafy?

Templafy is designed to offer an integrated document and template library, giving employees quick access to PowerPoint templates, letterhead, fax cover sheets, memo templates, and meeting agendas. It also includes an asset library, including photos of our hospitals and a map of our locations to help quickly and easily build documents and presentations.

In addition, the software will automatically format email signatures in the new brand. For example, by entering a name, position, and contact information, Templafy will create a signature customized with those details, including our new logo.

What’s next?

Templafy will be automatically installed on computers across the organization in a phased approach, starting Monday, July 19.

The rollout will start with computers that use desktop versions of Office 365. Please note: Computers must be connected to the network server for the installation to occur.

How do I log in and use Templafy?

After installation, a login window will appear. Simply enter your k number and computer password to access Templafy resources.

The login window is a one-time event for each computer signed into by each user. If the login window is accidentally closed, click here to connect your account.

Once the software is installed, a Templafy icon will appear in the main navigation menu of Microsoft Office products. Just click on the icon to access templates and start to create files with the new branding.

Where do I go to learn more about Templafy?

Click here to find end-user guides and FAQs with more information and step-by-step tutorials. Click here to watch video overviews about Templafy.

Who do I contact with questions?

Questions regarding installation and login should be directed to iSupport at x44500 or (937) 384-4500.

July 16, 2021