Isolation Protocols

Kettering Health Network is following CDC guidance that changes recommendations for isolation of known or suspected cases of COVID-19 and Personal Protective Equipment used by healthcare workers.

Standard Protection:

Droplet with contact precautions are to be used by health care workers caring for known or suspect cases of COVID-19:

  • Gloves, gown, mask, and eye protection (face shield or goggles).

Enhanced protection should be used for patients undergoing aerosol-generating procedures such as intubation, bronchoscopy, nebulized therapies*, vapotherm*, and heated high-flow nasal canula*:

  • Gloves, gown, PAPR or N95 mask with eye protection
  • Negative pressure room if available

Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, patients complaining of fever, cough, and respiratory symptoms have a mask placed on them and escorted back to a room. Droplet and contact precautions as above are instituted for health care workers.

Intubation of high risk COVID-19 patients in the Emergency Department or surgical areas:

  • Preferred option: PAPR in a negative pressure room
  • Secondary option (Intubation bag): N95 mask with eye protection (face shield or goggles)

*These procedures should be avoided if possible for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If unavoidable then the enhanced protection protocol should be followed.

March 19, 2020