Kettering Health FAQ: What to Expect on December 12

With the rollout of our new brand and updated medical center names, we understand that you may have questions about how this impacts you. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What’s changing on December 12?

On December 12, the new names for medical centers go into effect. You’ll see the new names in these places:

  • Phones: Automated phone introductions will be updated, and people answering the phones should use new facility names.
  • Intranet: The staff directory will be updated, including on-call calendar names.
  • Directions and navigation to facilities: Medical center names will be updated on the website for facility searches and GPS navigation.
  • Patient communications: After-visit summaries will show new Epic department external names. Billing statements and receipts will also show new medical center names.
  • Temporary signs: Signs will be displayed throughout medical centers to share the new names with our community and care teams.
  • MatchMD updates: MatchMD updates have started for on-call response teams. These updates will continue through December 17.

Team members are also encouraged to update medical center names that may be included in email signatures as well as personal and department-managed voicemail greetings.

What continues after December 12?

The brand refresh and new naming structure are occurring in a phased approach to emphasize process and financial efficiency, and most updates will be completed by May 2022.

As of May 10, the change from Kettering Health Network to Kettering Health became official, along with our new logo, colors, and the visual identity of our brand. On December 12, the new names for our medical centers becomes official. And there are more updates to come:

  • In early 2022, Kettering Physician Network will move to Kettering Health Medical Group. This shift will continue throughout the year, so stay tuned for more information as the organization solidifies the timing around this change.
  • Hospital-based services for certain areas, such as durable medical equipment (DME), will continue to be phased in.
  • Epic sign-in and internal department names and abbreviations will be updated in the future.
  • Permanent signage is an ongoing process, with as many updates as possible being completed this year. Signage will be updated on every building over the next 18 months.

What is a medical center?

To be considered a medical center, a facility must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have inpatient beds
  • Have an emergency center along with four or more outpatient or specialty services

Based on that, the following Kettering Health facilities are considered medical centers:

  • Kettering Health Behavioral Medical Center (formerly Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center)
  • Kettering Health Dayton (formerly Grandview Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Franklin
  • Kettering Health Greene Memorial (formerly Greene Memorial Hospital)
  • Kettering Health Hamilton (formerly Fort Hamilton Hospital)
  • Kettering Health Huber (formerly Charles H. Huber Health Center)
  • Kettering Health Main Campus (formerly Kettering Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Miamisburg (formerly Sycamore Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Middletown (formerly Kettering Health Network Middletown)
  • Kettering Health Piqua (formerly Kettering Health Network Piqua)
  • Kettering Health Preble (formerly Preble County Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Troy (formerly Troy Hospital)
  • Kettering Health Washington Township (formerly Southview Medical Center

Do I need to order new business cards?

Employees are not required to order new business cards immediately, but those who would like to can do so on k-direct.  

Should I continue to distribute brochures, patient handouts, etc. with the old logo or names on them?

Yes, you can still hand out any brochures, handouts, and other printed pieces you have. Once you run out, or if you need a new item, follow your typical process to connect with your appropriate Marketing specialist, and they will assist with creating a version with the new branding.

Are there abbreviations for the new medical center names?

The official abbreviations for the new medical center names are below. Please note: These abbreviations should not be used in any official communications, whether internal or community-facing.

Medical Center NameAbbreviation
Kettering Health DaytonKHDO
Kettering Health FranklinKHFR
Kettering Health Greene MemorialKHGM
Kettering Health HamiltonKHHM
Kettering Health HuberKHHB
Kettering Health Main CampusKHMC
Kettering Health MiamisburgKHMB
Kettering Health MiddletownKHMT
Kettering Health PiquaKHPQ
Kettering Health PrebleKHPR
Kettering Health SoinSOIN
Kettering Health Washington TownshipKHWT
Kettering Health TroyKHTR
Kettering Health Behavioral Medical CenterKHBMC
Dayton SystemKHDS
Main Campus SystemKHMCS

Will I need to request a new badge?

Over the course of the next year, Kettering Health will be rolling out new badges for facilities and departments. More details will be provided once your department is eligible.

Will I need to order new uniforms? How can I do so? 

You do not need to immediately order new uniforms just because of the new brand. Whenever you need to replace your uniform due to normal wear and tear, simply order items through the regular uniform store, and you’ll receive uniforms with the new branding.

Will I have to change any information regarding payroll?

All employment information is remaining the same, so you do not need to make any changes with Payroll.

Will this change my W-2s?

This change does not impact employee data, so there will not be any changes in your W-2s. You will be able to file your taxes under your facility name as you have done previously.

Can I still wear clothing branded with the old logo to work?

Employees may still wear clothing with the old logo to work through May 2022. It is encouraged that employees work towards wearing the new logo as more options become available.   

Doesn’t a brand refresh cost money to replace things like signage and branded documents? How is Kettering Health implementing this change? 

From the beginning of this project, we emphasized an efficient and cost-effective approach. That’s why we’re asking teams to slowly deplete your inventory of printed items and other branded materials first, with updates coming as materials run out. You can expect most brand updates to be completed by May 2022. Permanent signage will be updated on every building over the next three years and is part of our normal capital budget.

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