Kettering Health Unveils New Automated Breast Ultrasound Technology
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Kettering Health Unveils New Automated Breast Ultrasound Technology

To further aid in breast cancer detection, especially in women with dense breast tissue, Soin Medical Center will be implementing Automated Breast Ultrasounds (ABUS).

Used in conjunction with 3D mammography, ABUS systems can help find mammographically occult malignancies, producing accurate and reproducible images.

“Abnormalities can be hidden in dense tissue,” said Meghan Musser, DO, medical director of Kettering Health Breast Centers. “ABUS is able to find cancers that we can’t see on mammograms, like small, invasive cancers that have not metastasized to the lymph nodes—and those are the ones we want and need to find to minimize the surgery and treatment a patient may need.”

Automated ultrasounds also help ensure that images taken year-to-year can be directly compared, which allows small or subtle changes to be detected.

“Because this is an automated process, it’s reproducible, and we can make sure we’re getting the same quality and same images every single time,” Musser said. “The software manages the technical quality of the images, unlike a handheld ultrasound performed by a technologist, who has to adjust settings throughout the exam.”

The new technologies at Kettering Health Breast Centers, including ABUS, allows us to find more cancers while decreasing the number of women called back for additional work-ups.

December 14, 2021