Krames Patient Education Upgrade Coming this November
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Krames Patient Education Upgrade Coming this November

Kettering Health is launching a systemwide upgrade to its patient education platform called Krames on FHIR on November 16.

The updated software includes the most up-to-date patient education launched within the electronic health record and allows clinical teams to prescribe written, video, or digital education. Along with printed material, clinical teams will be able to deliver patient education materials to the patient’s MyChart and track education materials the patient received and viewed. Clinicians will also be able to customize the user experience per the clinician’s preferences.

To access educational materials, click on the IS portal located the intranet and search “Krames”, or click on the links below.

Questions? Contact iSupport at ext. 44500 or (937) 384-4500 or your local Epic Support representative.

October 26, 2021