Mary Kay Cobb and Pam Wilson Earn Constellation Award
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Mary Kay Cobb and Pam Wilson Earn Constellation Award

Congratulations to Mary Kay Cobb and Pam Wilson, who were recognized for receiving the constellation award in December for their amazing teamwork.

The award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the network’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior. You can read their nomination story below:

Not only do Mary Kay and Pam support the needs of the students, but they also support the OTD faculty in their role, through their work with the admission process, and the clinical coordination process. They have both recently received job upgrades, but before those upgrades were formally in place, they could be called upon to help support the needs of the department in helping to facilitate both of those processes smoothly.

Most importantly, we have received emails, thank you notes, and direct feedback from both current and potential students that their interactions with Mary Kay and Pam have made all the difference in their connection with the college as a whole and their day to day experience once enrolled. Although we are a small department with a small staff unit, our staff are making considerable differences in the lives of our students in a way that will have a lifelong impact on their experience, perception of Kettering College, and the network as a whole.”

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December 21, 2019