Mask Wearing FAQs for All Staff and Providers

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about mask wearing when entering Kettering Health Network health care facilities:  

  • Due to updated CDC guidance, all staff and providers who enter Kettering Health Network health care facilities are required to be masked upon entry after screening unless they are going directly to their department to pick up the N-95 mask.
  • Isolation masks are being distributed at the screening stations and must be put on immediately after screening.
  • Staff who do not come within 6 feet of patients throughout their workday must wear either a cloth mask that has been approved for wear by their supervisor, or an isolation mask provided by Kettering Health Network. Cloth masks need to be put on either prior to entering the building or immediately after screening.
  • All staff and providers must keep their mask on throughout the day, only removing it to eat and drink. This includes people in back office settings that are near others.
  • Staff and providers who wear masks that are not N-95s need to be worn throughout health care facilities until exiting the building and can be discarded in a waste can just prior to exiting.
  • Staff and providers who wear N-95s must put them in the designated collection bin for reprocessing upon completion of the workday.
  • Mask wearing remains optional for staff and providers who work in facilities that don’t provide health care services to patients.
April 16, 2020

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