May Employee of the Month is Roxanne Turner
Greene, Network Stars

May Employee of the Month is Roxanne Turner

Roxanne Turner, Radiology, Greene Memorial

Roxanne Turner is a QA specialist in Radiology at Greene Memorial, who has been with the hospital for over 15 years. Her nomination reads:

During a recent review for expired supplies, it was noted in Radiology at Greene Memorial that Roxanne has taken responsibility and initiative to put an identifiable “sticky tab” on supplies that will soon expire, and puts the date on that sticky tab. This serves as a visual clue for all staff members that use supplies out of the Radiology area. She also makes sure that these items are at the front of all supplies so they are used first.

Roxanne’s extra effort helps make sure that supplies are used in a timely manner and that any expired supplies can be easily found and removed when the date has passed.


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Each Employee of the Month is honored through:

  • Prime parking privileges
  • Lunch with the hospital president
  • A gift basket
  • Tickets to a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game
  • Entry in annual drawing for trip to Walt Disney World
June 26, 2014