N95 Fit Testing Email for Employees

As we continue to promote our Safety First protocol, Kettering Health Network Employee Health will initiate quantitative N95 respirator testing using a TSI Port A Count device. Further, the network has contracted with Citran Occupational Health to provide medical clearance for employee use of N95 respirators following a review of the completed OSHA questionnaire. Testing will occur in stages across the network. Each test will take approximately 30 mins.   

  1. Please check your Kettering Health Network inbox for the email from Citran Occupational Health concerning the completion of an OSHA respirator questionnaire. (See below sample) 
  1. Complete the required questionnaire and submit it for medical review. If you are found to have potential contraindications for N95 respirator use, Citran Occupational Health will call you to discuss and/or schedule a medical physical in their office (at no charge to you). Upon medical clearance, you will receive an email from Employee Health containing a link to schedule a 30-minute appointment to be fit tested using the TSI Port A Count machines. The link will be campus specific, allowing you to schedule during your work day. Testing will be conducted to accommodate all shifts. 
  1. Upon completion of fit testing, Employee Health will store all data (size and style of mask to be worn by EE) or designated PAPR wearer only. You will be provided with a sticker to place on the back of your badge identifying N95 size to be worn or PAPR only.   

Sample E-Mail: 

FROM: noreply@citranocchealth.com DATE: October 27, 2020 at 3:25:25 PM EDT 

TO: “MATT@wininets.com” <MATT@WININETS.COM> 


Your employer has requested that you complete the attached OSHA respirator questionnaire. Citran Occupational health will then review your answers to determine your ability to wear a respirator. Click the link below to fill out the questionnaire. Submit pending documents. [1]You may receive a phone call from our clinic if more information or an  appointment is required to provide respirator clearance. Please complete this questionnaire within 48 hours.  

For questions please call Amanda at 937-340-6488 x 205.We appreciate your time! 


Citran Occupational Health LLC 

7774 Dayton Springfield Rd Fairborn OH, 45324-1904937-340-6488 

November 18, 2020

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