PPE and Cleaning for Mobile Health Care Technology in Designated Units/Areas

Special Note:  Anytime you will be taking a WOW/Telehealth device to a patient room, call patient room prior to entry to proactively determine any patient care needs, so clinical staff can obtain needed equipment/supplies in the effort to minimize frequent entry/exit of patient room.   

Prior to Patient Room Entry 

  1. Don proper PPE based on isolation
  2. Clean mobile technology from top to base of equipment with purple-top Sani Wipes. 

Patient Room Entry 

3. Move mobile technology into patient room
4. Perform care needed

Prepare for Room Exit 

5. Move the mobile device to right by the door, keeping door closed
6. Remove gloves
7. Complete hand hygiene
8. Don new gloves
9. Wipe the mobile device from top to base of equipment with Sani Wipes.
10. Discard gloves
11. Remove gown
12. Complete hand hygiene and leave room.
13. Move mobile device to safe storage area (per policy)

March 26, 2020

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