Revised Visitor Policy for COVID-19 Positive Maternity Patient

Effective January 8, 2021 at 12:01am 

As we remain focused on how to deliver the best and safest care to our maternity patient population, we continue to evaluate our current practices regarding the maternity visitation policy.  

At this time, in order to support the maternity patient during the personal event of a birth experience, we are adjusting the visitation policy to allow one visitor to remain with a positive COVID-19 maternity patient for the entire length of the patient’s stay. 

The practices listed below are to be followed by staff to ensure the safe implementation of this new visitor policy change.  

This will discontinue the requirement for the one visitor to leave after 2 hours post-birth for COVID-19 positive moms.   

Guidelines for Staff Regarding Safety of the Visitor with a COVID-19 Positive Maternity Patient 

One (1) visitor will be allowed for a COVID-19 positive maternity patient for the length of the patient’s stay.   

Step 1: Identify and document visitor name in Epic using FYI Process to document.  

Step 2: Provide green wristband to visitor. This is their ticket to stay with the patient. 

Step 3: Provide education and instructions to visitor on safety behaviors while visiting patient: 

  • One visitor, restricted to the patient’s room, who must remain there at all times. Visitor is not allowed to go to the cafeteria, leave for smoking breaks, or return home and come back.  
    • Staff will assist visitor with ordering food. 
    • Staff are to provide arrangements for visitor to sleep in room. 
    • Staff are to provide arrangements for visitor to shower if able. 
  • Visitor must always wear PPE for personal safety and the safety of the staff . May remove mask only when eating or drinking and when taking a shower. 
    • PPE for visitor includes: N-95 mask, isolation gown, and goggles.  
      • Visitor may wear their own clothes under the isolation gown. 
      • Visitor is to receive a new N-95 mask and new gown once daily or if soiled.  
    • Instruct patient on frequent hand hygiene using hand sanitizer or washing hands. 
  • Visitor must remain for entire length of maternity patient’s stay. 
    • If visitor wants to go home, they will not be allowed to return until the time of discharge.  
      • Visitor should be advised to quarantine from other family or children at home to decrease spreading COVID-19. 
  • Visitor will be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Always wear green wristband.  

Step 4: Staff is to review and provide the visitor information sheet to the visitor.  

  • Visitor should be advised that they are still taking a risk of getting COVID-19 by staying despite all the precautions in place.   
  • If visitor refuses to follow instructions during visitation, they will be allowed to remain 2 hours post-delivery but then will need to leave the hospital.  

Step 5: Visitor is to be screened by staff once daily for the following: 

  • COVID-19 symptoms: “Have you experienced the following symptoms below in the last 24 hours?” 
    • Fever or chills 
    • Cough  
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
    • Tiredness 
    • Muscle or body aches 
    • Headache 
    • New loss of taste or smell 
    • Sore throat 
    • Congestion or runny nose 
    • Nausea or vomiting 
    • Diarrhea 
    • Fever  
  • Check visitor temperature daily.  

If Visitor Exhibits COVID-19 Positive Symptoms or Fever 

  • Visitor will be asked to leave the hospital. 
  • Visitor will be advised to contact primary physician and to quarantine from others. 
January 8, 2021

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