Southview Blood Drive Could Save 57 Lives

Southview Blood Drive Could Save 57 Lives

Southview achieved 136% of their goal at their August 29 blood drive, where 21 people donated 19 units of blood. There were nine first time donors. Every unit could save up to three lives.  So, Southview’s blood drive could potentially save 57 lives.

Many departments participated including Physical Therapy, Maternity, and Surgery.  Some employees came in on their day off to participate in the blood drive.

Special thanks to Stephanie Brigner, phlebotomist, transport, and CLA for the Clinical Lab at Southview and Sheryl Bruns, Blood Bank supervisor for Grandview and Southview for coordinating the blood drive.

Kettering Health Network works with the Community Blood Center to support and provide blood donation throughout all our Dayton hospital locations.

September 12, 2014