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Stick It to the Flu: Get Your Flu Shot

Stay happy and healthy by getting a flu shot October 7-November 1. Flu season will be here soon, and getting vaccinated helps protect you, your loved ones, your patients, and your co-workers.

There are three ways you can stick it to the flu:

  1. Attend one of the flu clinics happening throughout the network October 7-November 1. Campus-specific schedules are linked later in this article.
  2. Go to your nearest Kroger Pharmacy or The Little Clinic with this voucher, then send proof of vaccination to KHNFluCampaign@ketteringhealth.org or fax it to (937) 522-9295.
  3. Get your flu vaccine at your primary care provider’s office. Send proof of vaccination to KHNFluCampaign@ketteringhealth.org or fax it to (937) 522-9295.

Flu shots are required for all employees and volunteers. You have until November 1 to get your shot. Click on a facility below to download the schedule of free flu shot clinics for that campus. Schedules are also available on the Employee Health intranet page.

Please check back if your campus currently does not have a clinic schedule posted. All clinic schedules will be posted by October 7.

If you are eligible for a medical or lifetime religious exemption from a flu shot, please have your health care provider fill out the forms below and submit it to KHNFluCampaign@ketteringhealth.org or your campus Employee Health Department no later than October 1.

Medical exemptions for Kettering Health Network’s flu shot policy follow CDC guidelines:

  • People who have had a severe, documented allergy to a previous flu vaccine
  • People with a “severe allergic reaction (ex: anaphylaxis) to egg protein…” (Note: Employees and volunteers with egg allergies can safely be vaccinated with the FluBlok vaccine.)

People who have developed Guillan-Barre syndrome within six weeks following a flu vaccine should consult with their physician.

Questions about the network’s flu policy? Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions.

September 24, 2019