Summer of Wellness: Feel Fly in July
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Summer of Wellness: Feel Fly in July

The July Summer of Wellness challenges are all about physical wellness. We want to encourage you to exercise each week in order to improve your physical wellness and feel fly in July.

According to the American Heart Association, staying active can improve your overall well-being and quality of life. More specifically, exercise helps lift your mood, keep you physically fit and able, and lengthen your life span.

By participating in one of the following wellness challenges, you can be entered to win a prize of your choice* and improve your physical wellness.

Submit a photo

Just take a photo that illustrates what wellness means to you and send it to by Friday, August 3. One participant will be randomly selected to win.

Improve your wellness through challenges

Choose one of the two options below to improve your physical wellness throughout the month of July. If you have already mastered one, work on the other option. If you find that you already do both, choose the one you would most like to improve.

  • Earn steps: Build up to getting your daily 10,000 steps (about 5 miles). It will be easier to keep track of your steps if you use some form of fitness watch or tracker that you wear daily.
  • Enhance exercise: Get 2-1/2 hours of moderate-intensity exercise each week (about 30 minutes, five days per week).

Click here to visit the Be Well website and download the trackers.

Submit to win

Send your photos or your challenge tracker to And stay tuned for some helpful tips on completing this month’s challenges!

*Prize options available upon employee request and Kettering Health Network approval.

June 29, 2018