Support the Helping Hands Program
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Support the Helping Hands Program

Through the Helping Hands Program, a program which aims to aid our clinical staff, 181 Kettering Health employees have volunteered a cumulative 3,055 hours to support clinical units and more than 650 hours to Care Carts. These hours have been instrumental in helping our clinical staff with activities like restocking carts, running basic errands and lab runs, passing out meals, and cleaning.

One of the many Helping Hands volunteers, Jessica Bennet of Kettering Health Dayton, says that volunteering for this program has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

“I felt like the Care Carts were an opportunity to help brighten our employee’s days with prayers, love, appreciation, and snacks,” said Jessica. “Our frontline workers are providing the best possible care to the people in our communities. I’m so grateful I get to be one of those people who get to express my gratitude for each one of them.”

Resource Chaplain for Spiritual Services and Missions, Stephen Eccles, helps organize the carts and volunteer for this program and spoke of the joy he saw from others who helped volunteer.

“One of the best things is seeing the joy on the volunteers faces and the energy they have when they come back from taking the cart around. They talk about the great conversations they have with our staff and just how much the staff appreciates their help. It’s incredibly uplifting to see.”

Looking to volunteer and support the Helping Hands program? Fill out a volunteer form here or contact your campus chaplain.

December 20, 2021