Take the Black History Month Quiz
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Take the Black History Month Quiz

Thank you to all employees who took the Black History Month quiz! You can check your answers below:

  1. What year was the first African-American Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm, elected to the House of Representatives? Answer: 1968
  2. The 15th Amendment gave African-Americans the right to vote. What year was it ratified? Answer: 1870
  3. The first Africans were brought to America in the settlement of Jamestown. Upon arrival they worked as indentured servants, due to there being no slave laws in place at the time. What year were the first African indentured servants brought to America? Answer: 1619
  4. In what year did Vermont abolish slavery, making it the first state to do so? Answer: 1777
  5. What year was the Emancipation Proclamation issued, declaring that all slaves held should be freed? Answer: 1863

And congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • Susan Bledsoe
  • Melodie Kelley
  • Lorraine Jamison
  • Mary Kenworthy
  • Kathy Trisel
  • Amber Jones
  • Aimee Thomas
  • Jared Rex
  • Tyrena Anderson
  • Sean Warren

Winners will receive their prizes by the end of March.

Test your knowledge about important milestones in history by taking the Black History Month quiz!

Select your answer for each of the questions below, and then submit your network email address (firstname.lastname@ketteringhealth.org) for a chance to win a prize. Those who answer all questions correctly will be entered to win a pair of tickets to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, with one winner selected for each campus. There will also be a grand prize drawing at the end of the month, and all who take the quiz will be eligible.

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January 28, 2019