Take the Pulse Survey January 25-February 8
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Take the Pulse Survey January 25-February 8

While we continue to navigate the lasting impact of COVID-19, we remain committed to strengthen our foundation in mission and culture through people and growing as a great place to work.

Engagement reflects the attitudes we hold about the relationships we have with our leaders, teams, and work, and it’s an important measure of our readiness to serve our community now and in the future. These attitudes affect the way we contribute to our culture and the way we perform in our daily work.

To understand what is impacting engagement and our readiness to serve our community together, the questions on the Pulse Survey focus on teamwork, leadership and organizational support, purposeful work, and employee wellbeing. Learning what we are doing that strengthens these areas and where we have opportunities to improve will help us support our teams in meaningful ways as we continue our current COVID-19 response and work towards the goals we have for 2021.

Your feedback fuels understanding and action, and you can share it by taking the Pulse Survey from January 25-Febraury 8.

How to share your feedback

  1. Access your unique link you received in an email from Press Ganey Surveys or visit https://pulsesurvey.ketteringhealth.org
  2. If visiting http://pulsesurvey.ketteringhealth.org, log in using your unique password: your five- or six-digit badge number without the “k”. Note: The survey is confidential. Your unique log-in is only used to help sort the data into relevant groups, like departments. Results are not reported in groups less than five, so no single response can be evaluated.
  3. Answer the questions in the quick, five-minute survey to tell us about the action plan process and engagement in your department.

Kettering Health Network physicians and medical staff are asked to complete the Provider Engagement Survey. Physicians and medical staff can find the survey through their network email.   

How to access the Provider Engagement Survey

  1. Medical staff, including KPN physicians, can only access the Provider Engagement survey by unique email.
  2. The survey will be available from January 25-Febraury 15.
January 20, 2021
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