Telehealth Roll Out

Kettering Physician Network leaders have been working diligently with Information Systems to support clinicians in serving the community. COVID-19 has driven us toward a swift response to the community need for physical distancing, even in the face of seeking health care. We are grateful for the amazing speed and timeliness of our Information Systems team to create the process and platform for the video and telephone visits. This new technology will empower our clinicians to provide clinical guidance to their patients virtually, while the patients can remain in their homes.

The intention of the video and telephone visits will be to initially serve our established patients that would benefit from clinical decision-making without a clinical examination. This includes well visits and sick visits. The clinician judgement will be utilized to best determine the type of visit. This will also assist in ensuring safety for both our patients and staff. 

What you will see:

  • Changes in provider schedules to have intermittent capabilities for video or telephone visits
  • Options and screening questions provided to patients to help determine the optimal visit type to suit their needs
  • Increased flexibility in meeting patient care requirements
  • Clinicians will remain the lead decision-maker on the venue of care provided.
  • Patient consent will be obtained prior to the visit type provided.

We are looking forward to better serving our community through this enhancement in our care delivery approach.

Kettering Physician Network Telehealth Update

Kettering Health Network is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community as safely and efficiently as possible. During this time, where physical distancing is paramount to our health and well-being, leveraging technology to serve our patients is a key strategy for our care team. 

Any patient that does not require a physical exam would be a candidate for these types of visits. This includes well visits and sick visits.

On Monday, March 23, Kettering Physician Network is rolling out training for new visit types and tip sheets. Teams WebEx invitations will be sent out to all providers and operational leaders. There will also be a Teams WebEx sent out to front office staff and practice managers to explain the new visit types and how to convert any existing appointments to one of the visit types above based on the capabilities of the patient (e.g., telephone only, or FaceTime, etc.).

There are several key items to be aware of when considering Telehealth components and these will be included in the training and tip sheets.

We will continue to remain agile during this unprecedented time and we will continue to evolve these visit types as new opportunities present themselves.

March 22, 2020