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Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women in Our Network

During Women’s History Month, Kettering Health Network is celebrating the impact of all the women throughout our network.

Roughly 80 percent of employees at Kettering Health Network are female, and their impact can be traced back through our history. Virginia Kettering, daughter-in-law of Charles F. Kettering, was a co-founder of our flagship hospital.

Women continue to lead our network today, with 403 in leadership roles: 387 as directors and managers and 15 as executives. A total of 66 women grew into leadership roles in 2016 alone.

We continue to serve women in our community as well, treating about 609,000 women in 2016. We also welcome the next generation of women: 2,004 girls were born in the network in 2016.

To honor Women’s History Month, we asked women around the network about their experiences in the workforce and the people who inspired them along the way.

To read their full responses, click on the names below:

Julie Vincent: Chief Nursing Officer, Kettering Health Network
“There were times early in my career when I sat in the back of the room and did not speak up because I thought my voice might not be heard. Fortunately, I quickly found a circle of mentors both male and female who recognized the value of gender diversity and coached me on how to advocate for my individual executive nursing practice and my collective profession. Now, I am the first to speak up!”

Danielle Smith: Director of Decision Support Analytics, Kettering Health Network
“Women are resourceful, strong, and resilient. I heard someone say once, ‘We can organize a household, a family, ourselves, and still manage to work full-time.'”

Renee Morgan: Manager of Labor and Productivity, Kettering Medical Center
“My grandmother was the greatest influence in my life. She would always tell me that anything worth having is worth working for, which is why I have such a strong work ethic. She taught me to be a strong, independent woman and never let anyone or anything get in the way of my dreams.”

Pratixa Patel: Manager of Pharmaceutical Services, Grandview Medical Center
“As women, we come together to collaborate and support each other in the roles we’re in and create a support system that enables us to balance work responsibilities with home and family life, all while encouraging advancement and education.”

Lindsay Sanders: Manager of Employee Health, Kettering Health Network
“Women bring a perspective to our organization that is vast and dynamic. Being a majority of the workforce in our organization, women bring not only the experience of the past, but also the innovative ideas that will lead us into the future. Women bring the art and science of healthcare that allows us to fulfill the organization’s mission, vision, and values.”

March 28, 2017