Women’s History Month: Lindsay Sanders

During Women’s History Month, Kettering Health Network is celebrating¬†the impact of all the women who support our network. The responses below came from an interview with Lindsay Sanders, Employee Health Manager for the network. Click here to see the original story, including more interviews.¬†

What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

I am the network’s Employee Health Manager. My responsibilities include providing leadership for all Employee Health programs to assure optimal physical and mental health care for Kettering Health Network employees. This includes coordinating worker’s compensation, the Employee Assistance Program, Pre-employment Services, and daily operations. Additionally, I provide leadership to all campus Employee Health coordinators and offices.

As a woman, have you faced any barriers in your career?

I have faced many barriers in my career. Feelings of being disrespected, discredited, or incapable due to others’ perceptions of my age, gender, appearance, behavior, or role were some of those barriers. It created a sense of constantly trying to prove myself to those who did not know my character, education, experience, capabilities, or professional goals.

What woman has had the most influence on you, and what qualities did she possess?

My grandmother has always been the most influential woman in my life. She was an amazing and wonderful woman! As the matriarch of my very large family, she was a true servant leader and worked diligently to display the attributes of Christ in her everyday living. She loved unconditionally and was insightful, caring, intelligent, kind, giving, and strong yet soft. She was a role model for the command to “Love One Another.”

What is something unique that you think women bring to our organization?

Women bring a perspective to our organization that is vast and dynamic. Being a majority of the workforce in our organization, women bring not only the experience of the past, but also the innovative ideas that will lead us into the future. Women bring the art and science of healthcare that allows us to fulfill the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

What value do you think inclusion brings to organizations?

Inclusion is incredibly valuable to our organization. Inclusion embraces all people regardless of race, gender, disability, and other actual or perceived differences. It removes barriers such as discrimination. It emphasizes valuing all individuals and creates equality for access to opportunities. Inclusion helps people have a sense of belonging, connection, and engagement.

March 28, 2017