Women’s History Month: Pratixa Patel

During Women’s History Month, Kettering Health Network is celebrating¬†the impact of all the women who support our network. The responses below came from an interview with Pratixa Patel, manager of Pharmaceutical Services for Grandview Medical Center. Click here to see the original story, including more interviews.¬†

What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

My title is manager of Pharmaceutical Services for Grandview Medical Center, which includes the management of the medication rooms at the Emergency Center in Huber and the Emergency Center in Preble. My responsibilities include managing the daily pharmaceutical dispensing operations to enhance workflow with utilization of technology, serving the needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on a daily basis by providing training and guidance on workflow practices, collaborating with physicians and nurses to improve patient care and quality standards with effective medication management practices, and engaging staff and empowering them to utilize best practices in the workflow.

What woman has had the most influence on you, and what qualities did she possess?

I have been blessed to work with Linda McCall for 15 years. Linda’s passion for pharmacy, her guidance, and her trust in me and my abilities are just some of the great qualities she possesses as our leader. Her greatest and most admirable quality is that she identifies strengths and hidden abilities in people and then guides them to successfully achieve goals and excel professionally and personally. Linda consistently raises the bar, which enables me to challenge myself to deliver exceptional results and exceed my own performance goals.

What is something unique that you think women bring to our organization?

As women, we come together to collaborate and support each other in the roles we’re in and create a support system that enables us to balance work responsibilities with home and family life, all while encouraging advancement and education. I was supported and encouraged by my director, Linda McCall, to pursue an MBA program, which I am currently completing.

What value do you think inclusion brings to organizations?

The value of inclusion enables people with diverse backgrounds to be proud of their identity and feel trusted and respected when collaborating with others. This in turn fosters higher performance, productivity, and engagement to help achieve goals and outcomes.

March 28, 2017