Year: 2020


COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Thank you to all who completed the COVID-19 vaccine survey. We have been actively sorting the data into the priority groups identified by the Ohio Department of Health guidelines. Based on the feedback from survey responses as well as the quantity of vaccines we expect to receive, we believe we can vaccinate the direct patient…


Scheduling Elective Surgery after COVID-19 Infection

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) have recently issued a joint statement on elective surgery for patients after a positive COVID-19 infection.  Link follows: The ASA/APSF guidance suggests that the longer a patient waits after testing positive for COVID-19, the better the expected outcome is for the patient. These timelines should not…


Hamilton Area COVID-19 Testing Options

COVID-19 testing options have been established in the Hamilton area to serve three patient types:  Pre-admission testing patients, Employee Health patients, and patients with respiratory symptoms. Pre-admission Testing (PAT) opened a new COVID-19 testing location on December 17 to serve the Hamilton community at the Ross Health Center. Patient Pathway: A PAT representative or Heart…


COVID-19 Vaccine Update

In the coming days, Kettering Health Network will begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to our employees and providers. Below are answers to some common questions.  When will the vaccine be available?  Based on the most recent Ohio Department of Health communications, we expect to receive over 5,000 doses of vaccine sometime this week. As of now, we plan to begin initial vaccinations…


Reminder: Take the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

To keep our teams and our patients safe, Kettering Health Network will offer COVID-19 vaccines to our employees and providers. Kettering Health Network expects to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine next week, and at that time, we will make the vaccine available to our employees and providers.   To help appropriately prioritize administration of the vaccine, it is imperative that all employees and medical staff take the survey at this link by noon on Monday, December…


Updated PPE Guidelines

PPE Guidelines for COVID-19 Location/  PPE Type  Screener  Confirmed negative   Confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients*  Face Shields/ Goggles/ Safety Glasses  Required (not changed between patients). Disinfected after removal for reuse.  Recommended (not changed between patients). Disinfected after removal for reuse.  Required (not changed between patients). Disinfected after removal for reuse.  Isolation Mask**  Required  Required  No  Gown  No …


COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

We expect to receive our first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine the week of December 21. To help appropriately prioritize administration of the vaccine, all staff and providers need to take this survey.

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