Year: 2021


Administration of Routine Vaccines with the COVID-19 Vaccines

The CDC has updated guidance on the administration of other vaccines along with a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine: All routine and seasonal (flu) vaccinations can be administered simultaneously with a COVID-19 vaccine. A distant administration site is recommended. Routine and seasonal (flu) vaccines can be given at any time in a patient who has received…


New Nuclear Medicine Drug Shortage

Sulfur colloid, the drug used for Nuclear Medicine Gastric Empty Studies, is experiencing global shortage. We currently have supplies from local radiopharmacies to provide service Monday-Friday; there will be no weekend availability for nuclear medicine gastric empty studies. We expect this shortage to last until late November. Please place orders for NM Gastric Empty scans…


Transporting Respiratory Specimens through the Tube System

After the completion of a risk assessment, there are new guidelines that allow transportation of COVID-19 specimens through a tube system. A team has developed a defined process and a plan should there be contamination of the tube system. Effective, September 14, 2021, COVID-19 respiratory specimens can be transported through the tube system.  Each specimen…


mRNA: From Disco-Era Dream to Modern-Day Marvel

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded everyone that the everyday world we notice can be undone by the microscopic world we forget. And as the delta variant sends more (mostly unvaccinated) citizens to already crowded ICUs, healthcare experts offer their own reminder: the best way to protect everyday life is to get vaccinated. As Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein,…

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