3M Mask Update

As promised in our January 18 Network Incident Command alert about the 3M N95 respirators, we are providing you with the following update based on information we just received from 3M. 3M informed us that it did not manufacture the 3M branded N95 respirators we purchased. Although many employees have successfully fit tested on these respirators, we cannot confirm they are NIOSH-approved. After consulting with OSHA this afternoon, we are taking these necessary and appropriate steps.    

Already in process 

  • This week and ahead of schedule, we received a shipment of Halyard N95 respirators in both regular and small sizes.  
  • We distributed the Halyard respirators yesterday and, upon receipt, we began to include them in our N95 fit testing program.   

Effective immediately 

  • The Halyard and PHG N95 respirators will be the only network-provided N95 respiratory protection, and they will replace the 3M-branded N95 respirators. However, PAPRs can always be used.    
  • 3M-branded respirators will no longer be available for use. 
  • Employees who have not successfully fit tested on a PHG or Halyard N95 respirator should follow the seal test training in HealthStream until they can be fit tested. Next week, we will contact employees who need to be retested. 
  • Staff in procedural areas including the operating room, cath lab, labor and delivery, and Interventional Radiology will need to wear a Halyard respirator as it has been FDA-approved as a surgical N95 respirator or a PAPR.  

If you have any questions about the guidance provided in this alert, please contact the Employee Health Call Center at (937) 395-8900. 

January 29, 2021