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6 Things to Know about High Deductible Biometrics: February 19 through April 6

Biometric screenings are being offered February 19 through April 6 to High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) members as part of the Wellness Incentive Program. To make sure you are taking advantage of this benefit, here is what you need to know:

The basic equation:

Biometric screening for employees and spouses with HDHP in 2018 + any potential follow-up care management = Eligibility for employer contribution to HSA or FSA in 2019

The details:

  1. The incentive: biometrics will help qualify you for employer contribution

HDHP members who have completed a voluntary biometric screening (and any recommended care management, if necessary) in 2018 will qualify for the employer contribution to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2019. (The employer contribution for HDHP members has already been disbursed for 2018.) This is one step in the Wellness Incentive Program.

  1. The time to act is now

While this incentive program will affect 2019 employer contribution dollars, the time to get the screening is in early 2018. The biometric screenings for employees and spouses enrolled in the HDHP will run from February 19 through April 6.

  1. It is your choice to participate

You have the choice to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program to earn your 2019 employer contribution. However, you can choose not to participate, and it will not affect your medical insurance coverage.

  1. The biometric screening is free and confidential

Kettering Health Network has contracted with a third-party company, Interactive Health, to facilitate biometric screenings. Your results will not be shared with your supervisor or anyone in your management team. The Kettering Health and Welfare Plan may share information with your healthcare and care management providers under the plan, to the extent permitted by law, to provide health care management and/or disease management services including data aggregation for the program improvement and care coordination purposes.

  1. Registration is open now

Screenings will be conducted on site at various locations. Visit and use log-in “khn2018” with password “wellness”.

  1. You could win an Apple Watch!

The first 100 HDHP members to register for (and later complete) a screening will be entered to win an Apple Watch!

Questions?  Contact Employee Connect at extension 70000 or 1-844-235-4647 or by email at


February 15, 2018