A Letter from the President: The Beauty of Kettering

Have you heard the big news? Kettering Medical Center has been named a Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospital in the country by Soliant Health. What an honor for our remarkable hospital! From the outdoor space that our lovely grounds team works diligently to beautify, to our lovely interior where our environmental services crew shines, we are so blessed with a team that makes Kettering one of the best in the country!

I am often asked why we spend so much time, energy and resources on the appearance of our campus. The answer: because our patients, families visitors, employees, physicians and volunteers deserve it, and it’s also an integral part of our mission and DNA.

Our founders knew the “healing presence” includes exceptional quality, superb patient satisfaction and a world-class environment. In fact, there are numerous stories about Mrs. Kettering personally taking a deep interest in the hospital’s appearance. On her travels around the globe, she would purchase unique keepsakes to sell in the hospital gift shop. She had a passion for making sure we had the best art in the hospital and truly believed that environment and surroundings can help heal.

Not only did our founders believe the environment has a profound impact on health, but so did those who started Seventh-day Adventist healthcare! Going all the way back to the 1800s, the early pioneers of Adventist hospitals knew that patients in a comfortable, relaxing and beautiful setting would recover faster.

Today we continue that legacy through an exceptional commitment to quality. This commitment extends to how our hospital looks from the moment you drive onto our campus to the amazing people who care for our patients and their families. As our network CEO Fred Manchur says, “While the bricks and mortar are great, it’s the people inside who make our campus truly beautiful.”

Thank you so much for all you do to care for our patients and their families! You really are the reason our campus shines so brightly. I’m sincerely grateful for the opportunity to partner with you to further our mission!

Jarrod McNaughton
Kettering Medical Center

July 18, 2017