Acceptance of Patient Property at Screening Station

Due to heightened concerns of the potential spread of COVID-19, items being delivered to patients at Kettering Health Network facilities will be limited to items considered essential to the patient. Examples of essential items include, but are not limited to: clothing items, toiletries, and communication devices such as tablets/phones/computers.

All items will be sanitized prior to delivery to patient. Per Kettering Health Network policy, all items are subject to search to maintain the safety of patients and staff. Kettering Health Network and Kettering Health Network staff members are not responsible for any damages done to property during search or sanitizing efforts.


If the family member or friend of a patient receiving treatment within a network facility wishes to drop off an item to the patient during their stay in the hospital, the following process shall be followed:

  • The employee at the screening station shall give the individual dropping off the property a Patient Property form (attached) to be completed.
  • The employee will then contact Police/Security to meet with the person dropping off the property.
  • The Police/Security officer will meet with the person dropping off the item(s) and ensure the Patient Property form has been completed, in its entirety.
  • The Police/Security officer shall search the item(s) and sanitize the item(s) with provided disinfectant/wipes available at the screening station.
  • After sanitization, the item(s) will be placed in a patient property bag.
  • The Police/Security officer will deliver the item(s) to the patient, or the nursing leader where the patient is located.
  • The Police/Security officer will complete the officer portion of the Patient Property form and save a copy on the departmental “S” drive.
April 10, 2020

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