Staffing and Attendance Guidelines for SRO Float Pool

Staffing Resource Center (SRO) coordinates staffing with the Incident Command Center in an effort to maximize our staffing resources throughout Kettering Health Network and ensure that operations continue without interruption to serve our communities as we respond to COVID-19.

The following guidelines and expectations apply to those serving in the Staffing Resource Float Pool in both clinical and non-clinical roles.  Certain guidelines differ from standard Kettering Health Network practices due to the nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please review these guidelines carefully.

Determining Float Assignments

The need to reallocate staff to meet a shift need is determined by the SRO in conjunction with Incident Command Center and network leadership. Staff are floated for staffing periods and may float to more than one area during their scheduled shift.

Accepting Float Assignments

Staff may only accept float assignments if work in their home/primary unit is unavailable.

Managing Float Commitments

Float staff are responsible for maintaining an understanding of accepted float commitments and schedules.

Completing Daily Assignments

Float staff are to complete daily assignments in the time allotted, without incurring overtime hours.

Requesting Schedule Changes

Float staff must submit requests for schedule changes to the SRO in advance of the needed change. These requests will be reviewed by the SRO staffing coordinator(s) and approved or denied based on business/patient care needs and the availability of replacement staff within the COVID-19 Incident Command Staffing Resource Float Pool. Shift exchanges are not permitted.

Reporting to Work as Scheduled – Attendance Guidelines

Float staff are expected to report to work as scheduled. Absences must be reported no less than 2 hours prior to scheduled shift to promote adequate staffing levels. Failure to consistently provide adequate notice may result in disciplinary action.

If unable to report to work, float staff should follow these steps to report absences.

  1. First, notify the Staffing Resource Center (SRO) at (937) 531-7908.
  2. Second, notify the assigned float unit.
  3. Third, notify their department manager.

Absences and incidents of No Call/No Show will be managed in accordance with the current HR-KHN Conduct and Discipline policy Attendance Guidelines.

Float Staff are expected to follow proper department call-in procedures for a tardy related to COVID-19, providing the specific reason for the tardy.

March 27, 2020

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